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Bsd Organics Sarasaparilla/bea fruit/Nannari Rose Juice (1liter/33.81)

Bsd Organics Sarasaparilla/bea fruit/Nannari Rose Juice (1liter/33.81)

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  • It is prepared using Nannari and Rose syrup along with jaggery. The drink is a natural coolant and can help you easily glide through the scorching heat.
  • In the coastal region of Andhra, Sarsaparilla is also known as Sugandhi which in the Tamil Nadu and Kerala region, it goes by the name Nannari. This herb used to make this drink.
  • keeps the mind calm and cool, helps in prevention of sun stroke .The best way of consuming the nannari rose syrup is through preparing juice . Add about 50 ml of nannari rose syrup to a glass cold water and with few drops of the fresh lime juice, to make of delicious sherbet. Add nannari syrup to soda water to make a refreshing fizzy drink.


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